Australia’s first AFL certified synthetic pitch.

“After years of drought, the school could not water the natural grass in the summer months, when the students play cricket. The oval lost grass cover and turned to dust, which is not ideal for cricket. In winter, we would see areas of the oval roped off, or the oval closed because the playing surface turned to mud, and this
mud would find its way into the change rooms and class rooms. Students play on the oval during recess, lunch and after school” states Greg Caldwell , Head of Wadhurst.

“The school was looking for an artificial turf system that passed the AFL/CA artifi-cial turf standards. The system also had to be student friendly. Desso Ambition does not use rubber infill , ensuring it is cooler for students in the summer months.” he adds.

Mr Caldwell says, “However, this winter which has been long and wet, the oval has proven itself. With Desso Ambition, the drainage is superior and regardless of use, there is no mud and no oval closures, making it the ideal surface for the school’s winter sport Australian Rules Football.”