In order for the Australian Teams to gain a competitive edge ahead of the 2014 Hockey World Cup, HG Sports Turf were called upon to install the same Synthetic turf system as that on which the tournament was to be played.

In 2013 Hockey WA decided it was time to replace their old, well used synthetic turf with a new, state of the art surface and following a detail search for the right system and contractor concluded

they preferred the solution offered by HG Sports Turf and their partner Greenfields. The project included the removal and dispose of the old turf and elastic layer, the installation of

a new elastic layer, clamping system and FIH Global certified Greenfields TX turf in a very tight timeframe. The project wasn’t without issues especially when we discovered an issue in the underlying base.

However, unfazed we set about rectifying the base issues using innovative Pave-Set technology. The works were completed within the original timeframe and the field was successfully tested to FIH Global standards in 2014.

GreenFields TX meets all requirements that modern, fast hockey demands of a playing base:

  • a high rolling speed of the ball;
  • a ball roll that is identical in all directions;
  • low friction properties – both in dry and wet circumstances;
  • suitable for slidings thanks to TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® fibre technology with structure;
  • a perfect, consistent grip (torsion);
  • rebound damping, causing the ball to remain low and enabling perfect ball control;
  • maximum shock absorption, sparing back, knees and joints, contributing to the reduction of injury risks;
  • a strong, flexible fibre, ensuring optimum positioning of the stick underneath the ball.