Our patented Eclipse® Stabilised Turf has become the system of choice for many of the region’s leading stadiums including AMI, ANZ, Canberra, Eden Park, Etihad, Gabba, NIB and Waikato stadiums, as well as Melbourne Cricket Ground. Eclipse® Stabilised Turf combines natural grass as the playing surface with artificial grass within the profile of the turf.

The artificial fibres are tufted into an open weave backing to produce the finished carpet product. The carpet can be laid and grown in-situ for new projects or at one of our turf farms for ready-to-play solutions. The product is in-filled with suitably graded sand top-dressing to a depth of 40mm and established with the warm or cool season natural grass as specified.

With the natural grass above the synthetic fibres, the system creates a wholly natural playing surface. The roots of the grass plant interweave with the artificial fibres in the product matrix to stabilise the turf and give protection to the natural grass. The artificial fibres and open weave backing provide both vertical and horizontal stability to the playing surface while also dramatically increasing the load bearing capacity of the turf.

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